We had an emergency late Saturday night. Ronin’s oxygen saturations dropped down to 60% and did not go up with increased O2 support. He didn’t look like he was in distress, but his body was limp and he was cyanotic (had turned purple).

Ray and I rushed him to the ER, where Ronin and I were put on a Life Flight into Dallas. First into the pediatric ER, then moved into the Cardiac ICU.

By Sunday afternoon Ronin had stabilized, but required significantly more oxygen: 6 liters/hour. But since Monday afternoon, he’s been back down to his baseline of 0.1 liters/hour and has been his same happy self.

Although Ronin showed no visible indications of it, the medical team was concerned that his episode could have been caused by a viral infection. If he did have something viral, surgery would have been postponed by several weeks. Multiple viral panels were done, but they all came back negative.

Ronin’s surgery has been rescheduled to Monday, December 18.

He’s staying in the CICU just to make sure he stays healthy. He hasn’t seemed to mind, since by now he’s a bit of a celebrity there and a big flirt with the lady nurses. I’m back to driving to visit him every day. It’s strange seeing his empty crib at home now.

Life’s been intense lately, but also incredible. There’s been a lot going on recently – even on top of all of this with Ronin – so I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and process things. I’m hoping to be able to write more soon.

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  1. Loving you all up there.

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