He’s here!! Happy birthday, Ronin!

Ronin’s here! He was born on Friday, June 9, via an unplanned c-section.

Friday was also my 40th day in the hospital. When I was falling asleep the night before, I briefly wondered if something might happen on Day 40. Have you ever realized that every time the Bible mentions 40 days, God is at work to accomplish some type of spiritual growth through tests and trials? (More thoughts on this later.) 

On the morning of June 9, I had my regular bi-weekly sonogram and everything was still looking great. My doctor anticipated that I’d be having another slow, uneventful weekend. So I left the exam thinking I’d have plenty of time to finish knitting Ronin’s baby blanket and get in lots of reading time. But no. During my first NST monitoring, Ronin’s heart rate wasn’t accelerating like it should, he wasn’t very active, and there had also been a very significant deceleration in his heart beat. All of these factors together concerned the doctors enough to have me moved into Labor & Delivery for continuous monitoring.

At that time, the doctors had thought they’d just monitor Ronin all day and through the night, then move me back to Antepartum the following day. But close to 6pm, his heart beat kept showing slight decelerations. The doctors discussed all of the factors and were looking at the big picture. It no longer made sense to keep me pregnant until 35 or 36 weeks if it could put Ronin’s or my heath in danger. So even though I was only 33 weeks and 4 days, it was decided that I’d be having a c-section in the next couple hours.

I knew the situation could change quickly, so I wasn’t necessarily surprised. But when it was “go time,” I was filled with nerves and adrenaline – partially from not knowing if there’d be an incredible amount of pain during surgery; mostly because we were on the brink of the next chapter in Ronin’s life. All I could do was pray and trust.

I wasn’t able to see Ronin while I was being stitched up in the OR, but I could hear his faint little cry. I was glad that Ray was able to go along with the doctors as Ronin was being transferred to the NICU. After I was in recovery for a couple hours, I was able to visit with my baby boy sometime shortly after midnight. Right now he’s just over 3 lb and has all sorts of tubes and wires coming out of his body. But little dude’s already so strong, animated, and living up to his warrior name. He completes our family of seven with the perfect exclamation point!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MR. Ronin! He looks big. Do me a favor and ask if you can record your voice reading and or singing and see if they’ll let it play near his bed so he’ll hear your voice. Jesus never disappoints. His plans are miraculous! What a mighty God we serve! Let me know when I can come see you!

    1. Thank you! What a great idea! I’ll figure out a way to have my voice recorded so the NICU nurses can play it for him. I’m not sure yet when I’ll be discharged from the hospital, but I’ll be coming to spend time with Ronin every day. I’d love to find a time to visit and have you meet this little blessing. God is so good!

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