When God spoke to me

I recently had to pull away from social media apps, including Instagram. (In the future I’d like to write a post with more details on the matter. Brief summary: for me, they’re a stumbling block that can distract me from God.)

But when we first started getting the news of our son’s health concerns, I was still half-active on the ‘gram. I wanted to preserve some of those words on this blog. Even though those days were some of the hardest of my life, that’s when some of the BEST things happened to me, too.

This first entry was from March 20, 2023 – just a few days after that first appointment at the high-risk pregnancy clinic.

God spoke to me: “I AM WITH YOU.”

What do you think when I say that? Because honestly, I had been hesitant to share this because I know some people will think I’ve lost it. And if I overthink it, I’d probably cave to discrediting it, too.

I’ve heard Him through reading the Bible and I’ve heard Him through the Holy Spirit convicting my heart. But I’d never before heard Him so clearly as that day, alone in a bathroom stall.

In my brokenness, He knew exactly what I needed. I trust without any doubt that He is with me – and with Ronin – in the midst of this. And that is where I’m finding my strength.


  1. Hayley, this is Auntie Yo. Just read about God speaking to you. No, you have not “lost it”. I believe it was our loving Heavenly Father giving you what you need to keep trusting Him for Ronin and the assignment He has for you. Just as Jesus had to walk the “Calvary Road”, He is trusting you with your “Calvary Road” and from the posts I have read , you are learning so much. Also, do you know that Grampa Hamada heard the audible voice of God, too, when he was in great despair—I think he was about 10 years old. Keep trusting and obeying the Lord—He loves you! God bless you! Auntie Yo

    1. Auntie Yo, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. God spoke so clearly to my heart, it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t know that Grandpa had a similar experience, thank you for letting me know. I have been learning a lot over the last couple years – but my faith has grown so much deeper through what the Lord has been doing in Ronin’s life. Please let me know if there’s anything else you can share with me about Grandpa or any of the Hamadas. I love you and hope you’re doing well. God bless you!

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