Knit Baby Tiger Hat Pattern (6-12M)

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. It’s been a long time since my first posts. You see, I started this new creative outlet in February 2020 and then the COVID-19 crisis hit. The girls have been switched to remote learning and I’ve been doing my best to juggle teaching, working, and maintaining my sanity. (Kinda funny how my last post was about thriving as a WAHM. I did not see the homeschooling duty coming! And I’ve abandoned the part about not wearing sweatpants. When the world was normal I liked to feel normal – but now I just want to feel comfy.)

I’m not very proud to admit this, but while in quarantine I’ve already binge-watched all of Netflix’s Tiger King. And while I was going through withdrawals, I decided to knit a tiger hat for my daughter.

I really hope things go back to normal before Halloween because I really want to see the Joe/Tiger/”That B Carole Baskins” costumes. But I digress.

So here’s the pattern I’ve made up. It’s only written for babies 6-12 months old, but can be adapted with a little bit of math. Enjoy!

S I Z E:
Fits 6-12 months, or roughly 16-19″ head circumference
M A T E R I A L S:
Worsted weight yarn in orange, white, and black
Super bulky weight yarn in black and white
US 9 dpns
US 9, 7, and 5 straight needles
US G-6 crochet hook
Stitch marker
Yarn needle

G A U G E:
8 sts / 14 rows = 2 inches in stockinette stitch
A B B R E V I A T I O N S:
K: Knit
P: Purl
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
SSK: Slip, slip, knit
SKP: Slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over

S T I T C H  P A T T E R N S:
Stockinette Stitch flat: Knit on RS, purl on WS
Stockinette Stitch in the round: Knit every round

P A T T E R N:
Body of Hat:
CO 60 sts onto US 7 straight needles and work *k1, p1* rib back and forth for 1″.
Switch to US 9 straight needles and knit in stockinette until entire length from brim is 5.75″.
Switch to US 9 dpns and knit around once, then join in the round and place stitch marker.
Round 1: *K2tog, K8* Repeat around (54 total sts)
Round 2: *K2tog, K7* Repeat around (48 total sts)
Round 3: *K2tog, K6* Repeat around (42 total sts)
Round 4: *K2tog, K5* Repeat around (36 total sts)
Round 5: *K2tog, K4* Repeat around (30 total sts)
Round 6: *K2tog, K3* Repeat around (24 total sts)
Round 7: *K2tog, K2* Repeat around (18 total sts)
Round 8: *K2tog, K1* Repeat around (12 total sts)

Cut approximately 8″ tail. Using a yarn needle, remove all sts from dpns as if to purl. Pull tail through sts to cinch hole together, then weave in ends to secure.

I-Cord Ties and Neck Edge:
With US 9 dpns, cast on 2 sts and make a 12″ long I-cord.

*With right side of hat facing, use needle with I-cord on it to pick up and knit 1 st along neck edge (3 total sts). Without turning work, slide all 3 sts to the other end of the needle and then move the needle to the left hand. Pull yarn snugly from the end of the row, K1, SKP (2 total sts). Repeat from * along the neck edge of the hat, picking up and knitting 3 out of 4 sts as you apply the I-cord. Stop when you reach the cast-on edge.

Continue by working as for First I-cord until second tie measures 12″ long. Bind off 2 sts and weave in ends. Knot the ends of each cord.

Tiger Ears (Make 2):
With US 5 dpns and worsted weight yarn in orange, cast on 10 sts and knit in stockinette for 1.25″.

Round 1: SSK, K6, K2tog (8 total sts)
Round 2: P across (8 total sts)
Round 3: SSK, K4, K2tog (6 total sts)
Round 4: P across (6 total sts)
Round 5: SSK, K2, K2tog (4 total sts)
Bind off in purl.

Repeat with worsted weight yarn in white.

With US G-6 crochet hook and worsted weight yarn in black, crochet orange and white ear pieces together using a slip stitch. Make sure wrong sides (the purled sides) are together. Bind off and/or sew in loose ends so they’re not showing.

Close-up of Tiger Ear

Use a yarn needle and worsted weight yarn in orange to attach ears roughly 2″ from brim and 4″ apart.

Cut 4″ pieces of bulky weight yarn (black and white) and worsted weight yarn (orange), then use a US G-6 crochet hook to pull through and attach knot where desired.

I had used the photo below as inspiration for the tiger stripe patterns. Most of the orange and black marking is on the top of the head, and the cheeks have that fluffy white and black.

Look at that gorgeous mane! And the tiger's is lovely too.
Look at that gorgeous mane! And the tiger's is lovely too.

After you’ve attached your yarn bits, shape them up with a little trim. I also unraveled the yarn to add plenty of texture.

And that’s it! Hope this gives you a fun new project while we’re all stuck inside.


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