Just Start Somewhere

When’s the last time you did something outside your comfort zone? When’s the last time you decided to learn a new skill? When’s the last time you didn’t care what other people thought of you and just focused on what you thought of you?

Quit hiding your magic.

This is me outside of my comfort zone. I’m not a blogger, but lately something inside me is pulling me into becoming one. My biggest hangups are that I’d want perfection. Or to know what I’m doing before I jump in. But then I’d never get started.

It’s 2020 and I don’t know much of anything about blogging, so I’m only about like…what, 15 years late to the game? I really hope this is something I can stick with because I’d love to see how far I come in a year. Today I learned new terms like “widgets” and “plugins,” and actually getting this to post will be a huge accomplishment. 🤞

Maybe it’s the challenge that I’m craving. The challenge to: learn, share, help, practice, think, and grow into myself. It’s hard for me to write down words without being overly self-critical, but I’d love to change that. And maybe that exercise can help me set new goals, or rub off something helpful to my kids, or someone along my path. I just know that I need to be myself, and not who I think everyone else wants me to be.

So this is me deciding to start.

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