“Hello, World!” Baby Shower Invite

Well it’s not really a traditional baby shower because the baby’s already here.  It’ll be more of a family gathering to meet her.  No “smell the chocolate in the diaper” or B-I-N-G-O games, sorry!  But pizza π (get it, “pie”??) and beer will probably be served.

The mom (my sister) is a technology whiz and an incredibly creative person.  She also has an amazing robot collection.  Combine everything together and I thought she’d appreciate a semi-nerdy, minimal yet clever theme: “Hello, World!”

I’ve designed this invite for the party:

When you’re learning to code, “Hello, World” programs are used to teach the basics of syntax and function.  I briefly learned Java in college.  Kind of like how you took Spanish in high school, but maybe now only remember phrases like “Me llamo ________.” or “¿Dónde está el bano?”.  My inner nerd is hoping to someday take more computer science classes; I’m not sure whether or not they’d ever come in handy.

I know there’s not a high demand for this type of themed invite, but I’m sharing it just in case it hits some other mathy/nerdy/fresh mommy-to-be.

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